About Us

About Us

Allotments & Gardens Association Salisbury

Over the past year a number of Committee Members have retired and are yet to be replaced. To man the shop each weekend means that each remaining Committee member has to do several sessions each month to ensure Saturday and Sunday opening. If we cannot recruit new members it may mean that shop hours will have to be reduced, particularly in the summer months when holidays are taken.

We need people who are prepared to attend one meeting per month, help in the shop (training provided) and who are interested in helping support and develop the Association. Areas which we are developing, or need support, for example, are events, including talks and visits, outreach to schools and groups, the Horticultural Show and exploring the potential for self-management of allotments.

We are looking specifically for someone to take on the role of publicity officer, to encourage new members and advertise the events which the Association provides to both members and non-members.

If you are interested and wish to discuss becoming a Committee Member, please contact us, details below. If you cannot commit to becoming a Committee Member but wish to help, especially with the shop please do contact us. Any time you could spare to man the shop would be really appreciated.


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