Webmaster update

Webmaster update

On this page you will be able to see the changes that have been made and what is happening on the website in the near future.

Webmaster: Alan Watling webmaster@salisburyallotments.co.uk


14th March 2017

I met the student that has taken the job of website creation for us, he will be working on the project with the input from other students who will be working projects that will link in or enhance the look of the site, these include:

  • Social Media
  • Graphics (Signs)
  • Video streaming
  • Blogs
  • Game gardening quiz for younger members
  • Tutorials

All this with the input and controlled by the Association.

The new elements that will be included:

  • Administration
    • Website management
    • Input layers
    • Moderators (Control of input)
  • Membership login
  • Membership Notice board
  • Security of data
  • Social media
  • Calendar
    • Events
    • Gardening – what to do
  • Links
  • Contacts
  • Trading Hut
    • Stock list
    • Shop
    • Notice board
    • New in stock
    • Specials
  • Website change alerts
  • Membership application and renewal
  • Forums
  • Members buy and sell (unwanted items i.e. Machinery, equipment, Sheds and Greenhouses.

Not all elements will be active from the new website when it comes online, these will be activated as and when the association is ready.

Any suggestions, additions or comments will be gratefully received.

Over weekend (12-13 Nov)  the site has had a tidy up on the front end on the back office with a lot of the files being placed in the bin, but not deleted, just in case we need them later. this makes for easier location of files/pages being found.

If you have any comments on the changes made – please do send in constructive criticisms so that we can all work together on making this a site, that is useable for you the Member.

Here for the first time you can see how many times the site has been visited. Nov is up to 12th Novemberwebsite_use_plan

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