2020 Annual Summer Horticultural Show
The Bad News...
It is with great sadness that due to coronavirus restrictions we are forced to cancel our Horticultural Show for 2020. We would like to thank our committee members who have put so much time and effort into preparing this year’s schedule, and we look forward to bringing the event back in 2021.
The Good News...
While we are unable to host the usual Horticultural Show a small number of competitive classes will be run, to be judged remotely. These will be free to enter.
This will include:
  • Class 79, Wheels
  • Class 80, In the Sky
  • Class 81, Rush Hour
  • Class 82, Five Rivers, A Montage, to be presented as an A4 size
  • Class 83, Trees, black and white only,(not sepia, no colour popping).
  • Class 90, Colouring Sheet, (see link below)
Details about these classes can be found in the 2020 Show Programme (see link below).
How to submit your entries
Please email your entries to Jon Allnutt at the below email address by Sunday 16th August. Please make sure you let us know your name and which class you are entering for each photograph submitted.


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