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Allotment sites in Salisbury


The 12 allotment sites around Salisbury are owned and maintained by Salisbury City Council. Requests to become a tenant at an allotment site should be directed to Salisbury City Council.



Why get an allotment​?

Allotments and gardens are green gyms, great for keeping healthy and active.


There are many benefits to gardening and producing your own food and you don’t need a huge amount of space to start. You can grow veg in a bucket, create a flower bed in a window box and still get the enjoyment and benefits. 

Some of the many benefits of having an allotment include...


  • Improving your physical strength and mobility.

  • Improving mental health by being outdoors and connecting with nature.

  • The opportunity to socialise with others and share experience (and sometimes produce!) with likeminded people.

  • Cutting down food miles and doing your bit to tackle climate change.

  • Being in control of how your plants are treated before they end up on your plate. Nothing tastes better than your own freshly harvested produce!

Gardening jobs to do in...


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