2020 Annual Summer Horticultural Show
While we were unable to host the Horticultural Show this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were still able to host the usual photography competition, which was judged remotely. We had some fantastic entries of a really high standard.
Congratulations to our overall joint winners Lindsey Bellringer and Duncan McBride. In second place was Benji Goehl, third was Sue Harris and in fourth was Brenda Talbot.


Here are the winning photos from each of the five categories...

"Wheels" - 1st Prize - Duncan McBride
"In The Sky" - 1st Prize - Benji Goehl
"Rush Hour" - 1st Prize - Lindsey Bellringer

"Trees" - 1st Prize - Duncan McBride

"Five Rivers" - 1st Prize - Sue Harris

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